Going back to Muay Thai

Apart from getting married in Thailand + loving Thai food and spa sessions, 5 years ago I developed a fascination for Muay Thai thanks to my ex-boss who introduced me to the National Muay Thai Team of the UAE who were about to leave for a International Championship in Thailand. (Who can forget the gorgeous Scorpion). After learning more about the sport from the Thai General Consul, I ventured to a few classes armed with gloves and guard to the nearby gym.

Like many things, I delved into it briefly as I normally do because I have a zest for life and believe in trying out anything that remotely fascinates me…I see it more as a learning experience than as a been there done that sort of thing. Anyway, I changed jobs, became a workaholic and my physical exercise sessions, travel for culture, dance etc became a thing of the past.

More recently I realised that I was becoming a boring person…last year I actually felt someone close to me behind the scenes preferred fun times with other people as all I was about was work and on assessment I realised it was true. I was too busy to take care of myself physically, emotionally, mentally etc and promised to throw myself into interesting things after work to get my energy levels up again and become balanced. Now that I’ve completed my bellydancing, Muay Thai is back in my books as my next big thing.

Last night after a particularly difficult day, I met with Dennis at Safa Park for my training – he put me through the paces with a quick run and sprint (I was breathless after) before we started on the jabs, crosses & hooks. It brought back memories of how I used to be so grounded and balanced on my feet before as yesterday I was out of my depth. It took an hour before I could go back to the levels I was 5 years ago and I was tired. Where I got the energy to pick my daughter up and go see friends at Bussola afterwards, I have no idea. But my daughter was adamant about seeing my friend Leila despite it being near 10.30pm so I gave in.

I was yawning on the way home and learnt that if a sport keeps you grounded, disciplined and keeps you healthy, don’t give it up. Another mistake I hope to correct this week amongst many others I made over the last few years!

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