Nepal memories

Taking a plane from Pokhara to Kathmandu

One of my advertising contacts is venturing to Nepal and asked me for some tips earlier today. I have conflicting memories about Nepal – I loved it for the shopping both in Kathmandu & Pokhara + the food but my diva side was not so thrilled at having to get up at 4am in the morning to go cycling and climbing base mountains in Pokhara so that I could catch the kaleidoscope of colours at sunrise on the snow capped Annapurna mountain range.
Ok…I have to admit it was worth it because the views were beautiful and I saw a lot of Sherpa families etc but by the end of the day, I was exhausted & kept dreaming of aromatherapy massages which I could only get the next day.
But breakfasts near the Pokhara Lake listening to ‘sur sudha’, the soothing Nepali music was fabulous and the people of Nepal are just WOW! If you like traditional buildings with a courtyard, try Dwarika’s Hotel in Kathmandu and The Fulbari resort in Pokhara (stunning views). *Oh yes, I took a bus from Kathmandu to Pokhara to make the most of the scenery and to meet locals – while the experience was great, my butt hurt cos of the seats and i had goats travelling with moi. So I took the plane back to Kathmandu. (Not exactly a 5 star experience but better than the bus).
My second trip to Nepal was as a VIP so it was more light & easy – Leila and I went on an inaugural Air Arabia flight with our Red team and we were completely amazed at the reception at the airport – the Airport officials had musicians welcoming us, beautiful garlands, silk scarves etc. Truly memorable and a must visit for globe trotters!

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