Understanding myself better with Wendy Appel


Inside Out….get an insight into Wendy’s awesome work

Every once in a while, we as individuals, family members and as employers/employees need to take a step back and assess where we are, where we want to be and what can we do to get there.

But it is also essential to get an outsider to look at the scenario you sit in from a completely different, non judgemental perspective to provide new enlightening insights into your personality, strengths and how you can develop fruitful relationships with people around you to better understand your strengths and how you can capitalise on these strengths.

Recently I met with Wendy Appel, a cultural anthropologist, public speaker and author near DMC at the home of one of Dubai’s most elegant PR personalities – I’m speaking here of none other than Susan Furness of course. Wendy was visiting Dubai to meet with some clients as she specializes in organization development, executive coaching and change leadership….her methods intrigued me when I had looked at her website hence the urge to get to know more about her work and how her work can inspire other women, individuals and organisations. Better still, if her method of analysis could be effective enough to describe my complicated personality style and I have to say, her Enneagram cards managed to pin me down better than many people around me who after years of knowing me can’t figure me out.

The focus of Wendy’s work is on individual and organizational change and transformation. She has her consulting practice in Europe working with senior executives as a thought partner, strategist, coach and in change management. She is certified to deliver a variety of tools and programs in strategy development, MBTI, Enneagram, team development, change management, group and interpersonal dynamics, meeting design and facilitation.

I was so impressed that The Enneagram Source was developed by Wendy as an online resource for her Enneagram toolkit: Her forthcoming book, The Enneagram Typing Cards, Workshops as well as a planned member community. The products, designed by her are an exciting new way to help clients (leaders and teams) deepen their understanding of how their Enneagram Type plays out in their daily life and interpersonal relationships and make transformational shifts….I definitely needed someone like Wendy to open my eyes to the fact that help like this existed and with professionals like her who are accessible to clients from anywhere in the world.

There are several different ways that people go about identifying their Enneagram Type. The most accessible, and probably most used is to go online and take one of the Enneagram Indicators. This initial insight is only an indicator – a starting place with initial test and the results that can be accurately interpreted and unravelled with Wendy’s insights and experience. She does this through a question and answer process to uncover clients underlying motivations and habits of thinking, acting and feeling before giving them an analysis that can help them move forward and deliver best results.

I’m so glad Wendy is back in Dubai in October after her successful stint with a fairly large organisation she just did team coaching with. I’ve heard she is awesome for personal coaching as well public speaking, panel moderating and does online sessions, tele-seminars and is a true example of how one can use social media effectively to create awareness.

Once again it was a delight to have coffee with an inspirational individual like Wendy and I have to thank Susan for the opportunity. If you would like to know more about Wendy and her work, look at the following links:

Website:          www.wendyappel.com
Createspace:    www.createspace.com/3731910
Amazon:           www.amazon.com/InsideOut-Enneagram-Game-Changing-Guide-Leaders/dp/0984884203/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1332155684&sr=1-1
Facebook:         www.facebook.com/ConfluenceConsultingInternational
Twitter:            www.twitter.com/wendyappel
Linkedin:           www.linkedin.com/in/wendyappel
G+:                  www.plus.google.com/104003581156944335373/about

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