Ya Ghali – Bil Arabi’s superb collection by Nadine

With Nadine at a Donna Karan show
One of my favourite pieces from Nadine

Recently I have had the pleasure of chatting at various times to Bil Arabi designer Nadine Kanso who not long ago launched her new Ya Ghali jewellery collection exclusively at Harvey Nichols.

To the uninitiated, Ya Ghali showcases luxury pieces made from white gold and gems, layered with yellow gold additions and semi-precious stones that are the hallmarks of Nadine’s Bil Arabi line.

In her limited edition collection for Harvey Nichols, Nadine took the classical and melded it with her unique creative insight to craft something that is at once timeless yet typically playful of her style.

The Arabic phrase ‘Ya Ghali’ is colloquially used to reference that which is dearest to the heart and also expensive; the collection embodies a sense of lightheartedness that only the most discerning eye will detect.

I loved the Ya Ghali collection which has rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets that reference the themes Bil Arabi is recognised for – love, nature, butterflies and of course, the Arab identity. The Arabic calligraphy that represents the foundation of the Bil Arabi line, using both individual letters and words, connects with the classical pieces in a way that appears incongruous and yet produces something meaningful.

What I love most about Nadine’s work is how she captures the essence of the modern Arab identity – unique, unavoidable and with a need to be seen and heard. The new generation of Arabs should be proud to be the keepers of their rich cultural legacy and Nadine uses her jewellery as one medium for communicating what it means to be young, Arab and proud.

She is successful in this and has truly excelled and introduced yet another way of conveying what is dear to her clientele’s hearts. The collision of history, tradition and popular culture has formed the basis for much of Nadine’s work. Her artistic sensibility, connected with collage as an art form, has recurring references in all her creative work, using fragments to create a new whole. I for one absolutely love the passion she exudes and love being in her company – a wonderful individual, sweet, down to earth and super talented to boot.

If you want to have a peek at the jewellery, the Ya Ghali by Bil Arabi collection is available exclusively at the Fine Jewellery & Watches Department of Harvey Nichols  in Mall of the Emirates.

One of the more glamorous pieces from Nadine

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