Intersec 2013 – I’m feeling safer than ever living in the UAE

I love living in UAE…it is I reckon the safest place in the whole world to be. There is no place I can think of that comes close to the safety and security this awesome country provides but it takes a lot of hard work to keep it this way by various industries. I feel so grateful when I hear of the UAE supporting exhibitions like Intersec because it reflects the importance the country gives to security to ensure we stay safe in every aspect of our lives….the authorities here have the latest technology available in the securities industry to keep it this way and Intersec is one place they find what is the best for all types of safety and security.

Intersec has played a major role in the last 14 years in reflecting the security industry worldwide. The exhibition and conference combines a strong international profile, with a huge regional impact. Intersec last year I remember showcased the latest technologies and apparatus in Commercial Security & Information Security, Aviation, Homeland Security & Policing, Fire & Rescue and Safety & Health….I hear this year is no different.

I met casually with some decision makers from Dubai Police and Civil Defence Authorities and we got chatting about video surveillance last week – I would have loved to have some sort of IP surveillance when my daughter was small and I had to leave her with a maid while I was at work…..I am sure most parents feel the same way about wanting to know that their loved ones at home are looked after well while they are out. Then of course there is the airport security…without this we could have all sorts of dodgy people coming into the country so having this as a top-notch priority is great. I am glad that this is also something we are able to take granted for in UAE … the reason we are so safe is because of the tight security measures that are in place at airports etc. There are many safety and security elements covered at Intersec that is superb and I hope this year is no different from last year which had some cool gadgets for home use.

Intersec takes place from 15 – 17 January 2013, at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre. I personally can’t wait to check it out, especially the video surveillance systems and IP surveillance systems so that I can keep a watchful eye on my house and car. Check details on the exhibition on website:

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