Tiffany ushers Lunar New Year with Elsa Peretti’s Brilliant Snake Necklace

Photo Credit: Josh Hasten


For my friends who cringe every time they see my Roberto Cavalli mother of pearl snake watch or my Swarovsky snake pendant….I have news for you. 🙂  To add to the collection, Tiffany & Co., has now announced that the Year of the Snake will be ushered in with Elsa Peretti’s daring and provocative snake necklace.

Although most of my friends get freaky when they see a snake nestling on the base of my neck…looking sensuous as though its slithering every time I move, I absolutely love it…the way it looks, the way it becomes a talking point for people I meet who I don’t know and the fact that it is different…and I like being different.

Back to Tiffany & Co…Their snake necklace typifies Elsa’s unique approach to natural forms that revolutionized modern design and placed her among the world’s most honored jewelry designers.

Working with master craftsmen, she captured the snake’s elegant movements with a series of graduated links handcrafted in 18 karat gold. Smooth and sculptural, the necklace beautifully complements the body’s contours. This sensual quality is a signature of her renowned collections, which debuted at Tiffany & Co. in 1974 and were met with instant acclaim.

Now as then, women around the world collect and wear her jewellery for its ease and versatility. Wrapped in the Tiffany Blue Box®, an international symbol of excellence, Elsa Peretti’s brilliant designs are the perfect choice for every gift-giving occasion in life…After all you can never go wrong with Tiffany. At least that’s what all women think…and women are always right!

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