As long as it works….

Being a woman may be complicated but it is the very contradictory nature of the female that makes us interesting…or dare I say alluring. Today I’ve come to terms with being at odds with everything and celebrating my womanhood. In the process, I have also come to the conclusion that:

…it’s ok to have a chocolate binge during PMS – in fact, for the sanity of all around it’s highly recommended

…if i have put a warning sign not to cross my path if you value your life during PMS, heed it or be man or woman enough to face the consequences

…its normal to wake up being annoyed with the man because of a fight you had in a dream – he must have done something to cause that fight in the first place

…hitting the snooze button 3 times in the morning is acceptable behaviour and if it doesn’t work the fourth time, the team have a duty to call at 8am and be the personal alarm clock – every hour diva spends at work after all is valued at top dollar

…its human to scream on top of your voice during a brazilian. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a reptile!

…domestic work does not fit into the job scope of a diva. Somebody has to do something about it soon or be ready to face a chaotic home environment!

…diets are bogus if it does not accommodate a healthy dose of Belgian chocolates. You only live once and deprivation is not a word that exists in a diva dictionary.

…carrying 60 to 75 pairs of shoes in the car boot on an overloaded shoe rack is a life saver. It’s in the diva code in fact to ensure another 120 pairs remain on standby for the shoe rotation every 2 months.

…seeing a billboard of Fazza early morning on SZR can really lift up the spirits and set the tone for a great day. Alternatively, there is always the upbeat tunes of Amr Diab if it does not work out with Fazza

…Dancing is good for the soul – Belly Dancing and oriental beats are the best

… it’s ok to rant when the world does not keep up with Dubai and you have to put up with mediocre service when travelling. It’s normal to breath a sigh of relief when your feet touches the UAE soil 🙂

…its awesome to get an adrenaline kick on the race tracks as distraction because some idiot spoilt your mood/broke your heart/sent u meaningless bbms or texts/didn’t tell you were god’s gift to mankind etc…you get my drift!

…blame the scales if it tips towards the bigger numbers because of the sinful chocolate cake from Paul’s – then do a 60’s number on the twister to sweat it off

…send people who annoy you to Timbuktu in your mind. Always works!

People deal with stuff differently but as long as it works…who cares!

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