Uchiwa fan brings memories

For the third time in 2 years, I am preparing to move home – lock, stock and barrel. It’s not a fun task packing stuff of a huge 4 bedroom villa and its amazing what you find when you delve through myriads of books and knick knacks that no family member wants to part with.

After facing 3 huge piles of paperwork on my living room table, I decided this evening to get rid of some display items (it’s now a joke between Eric and Tash that the pile grows bigger instead of smaller despite me spending hours in the evenings de-cluttering while being distracted with the computer, TV, phone calls etc)

After much rummaging, tearing of pages and throwing candles etc, I came across a Uchiwa fan, which always reminds me of Japanese elegance and tradition.

These fans are cherished by the people of Japan, not just to cool down but for getting shade and in my case, it was used as decoration – that is until my last house move. I received it from a dear University mate who had taken me under her wings when I first visited KL.

The Uchiwa fans from Edo, first made in the 18th century are crafted by taking Japanese ‘washi’ paper cut in ovals and placed on a finely sliced bamboo frame. The woodblock printing technique was then used by the craftsmen to decorate the fans artistically…. I wish I was good in art so I could do something creative like that.

Common subjects used in the artwork often included pretty women, kabuki performers, scenic nature/gardens etc, depending on what was in fashion.

While I am still not happy about having to relocate thousands of books from libraries at every corner of the villa, its fun coming across some nice objects collected over the last twenty years of extensive travel and visiting cultural and heritage exhibitions.

Now all I need to do to find an equally huge villa that has a spare room for my shoes, books and collectibles … does anyone know a really cool real estate agent with lots of patience to put up with diva demands?

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