The UAE on a journey to Leadership in Customer Excellence

Neveed and Rashid go through workshop notes together at the Ritz Carlton DIFC
Naveed and Rashid go through workshop notes together at the Ritz Carlton DIFC

We in the UAE are used to best of everything and in particular, we can proudly say that we have the best customer service one can get in this region but there is room to be the best in the world. To ensure the quality of service even gets better, the Academia of Excellence announced it’s opening with a comprehensive summit at the Ritz Carlton DIFC, showcasing global business leaders and key UAE institutions on how to achieve true customer centricity.

To those not in the know, the Academia of Excellence is a specialized institution for the creation and enhancement of the “Customer Experience”. Real Customer Excellence demands a deep and thorough understanding of the ideas, skills, tools and techniques for achieving customer excellence.

I was lucky enough to see some of the brainstorming notes on the walls after work last night and it was amazing how much thought went into ensuring the success of the institution as well as the summit. 

The raison d etre of the Academia of Excellence is to provide Emiratis and expats with the requisite skill sets for a differentiated and admired UAE market known for its passion and success based on an unrelenting but practical focus on customer values.

The Academia of Excellence is founded by Mr. Naveed Syed and Mr. Rashid Mahboob. Naveed is a successful entrepreneur with over 18 years of chronicled success in driving benchmark-setting growth and expansion for globally focused fortune 500, turnaround, and start-up organizations.

“The UAE is a young country growing at an exponential pace in a dynamic global economy in which paradigms are created and demolished at an increasingly fast pace,” says Naveed. “The one constant in all this is the Customer – we needed to create a set up in which the requisite skills, tools and techniques are provided to achieve true customer centricity.”

The Academia of Excellence has partnered with the Dubai International Academic City (DIAC) with master-class courses in Xtreme Customer Loyalty™, Increasing Revenues through Customer Loyalty and Best Practices of Chief Customer Officers to name a few.

The Academia of Excellence opening summit at the Ritz Carlton DIFC Dubai was an interesting showcase of what the Academia of Excellence offers with workshops and seminars by global as well as UAE based business leaders towards the achievement of the ultimate Customer Experience.

As Naveed says, “The UAE now continues on a Journey to Leadership in Customer Excellence.” With UAE hosting more and more international events and growing in all spheres of life, we can be assured by the Academia of Excellence that customer service will be top notch in the near future.

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