Lolita Lempicka launches Elle L’aime: the essence of true love


Lolita’s Lempicka’s Elle L’aime Eau de Parfum,  the essence of true love is now available in the Middle East. This new fragrance from Lolita Lempicka, embodies the divine state of love, a whirlwind that transports you to a dreamlike world. It is the perfect fragrance for a woman in love, reminding her of the thrill of this powerful and dazzling emotions. An incandescent white floral Parfum with citrus notes combined with rare, natural extracts including Coconut flower, lime, jasmine, and myrrh.

The fragrance is an incandescent harmony, ignited by rare and natural ingredients which cast an irresistible fragrance trail. Elle L’aime’s top notes create a vibrant and luxurious combination with coconut flower and lime, while sensuous jasmine and bewitching myrrh merge in the heart of the fragrance….how ideal is this for the smart sensual woman 🙂

The totem shaped gold bottle radiantly captures light, symbolizing eternal love to anyone who possesses it. The gold letters inscribed on the bottle resonate the fiery words of love. Elle L’aime stirs the heart, kindling it into a flaming red, the same color that can be found inside the fragrance’s white box.

Every aspect of this fragrance simply radiates with the glow of a woman in love…look for this at Paris Gallery.

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