Finance made easy

It is a well known fact amongst people who know me that I am horrible with anything to do with money – things like sending money electronically, online banking, paying for my house in Spain are just not my forte but I finally found an easy to use online platform that makes things easy even for people as challenged as me.

I was recommended to visit as I needed to send money for my home in Fiji and Spain and found it super easy to navigate and without the hassle of going through numerous unnecessary procedure that normally throw me off-balance.

Being an expat in Dubai, we kind of rely heavily on money exchange houses to send money home, pay the mortgage abroad, send gifts to family members as its easier to send them money to buy gifts then try and send things by post. Getting in a car, facing parking costs and trying to negotiate traffic in the heat is now a thing of the past with more services offered online – I for one am glad and wish I had changed my mindset sooner about doing things online.

Also with the amount of travelling I do, sometimes its easier to carry prepaid cards that Travelex offers as being a woman, I can be easily distracted by shops and often come back to the UAE with a heavier bag or a few extra bags. I love the safety factor of the Travelex cards as they are not linked to your bank account, you only spend what you want in the currency of the country you visit and it allows you to withdraw money as well as buy things in shops.

It is also good to get travel insurance from Travelex – their various service offerings related to travel certainly makes the journey easy and being able to send money online just makes things less stressful – I am obviously a new convert and am hoping to try out their travel insurance when mine expires.

Check them out – Travelex trades in over 80 currencies, do business in over 50 countries and is found in all the major airports… very convenient!


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