Peppermill opens at Eastern Mangroves, Abu Dhabi

Opening of Peppermill by MA YusuffAli of EMKE Group

Peppermill Restaurant, a colonial Indian dining concept that contemporizes the traditional cuisines of different parts of India for global broad audience appeal is opening its third restaurant at the Eastern Mangroves, Abu Dhabi.

The menu features a feast of the sub continent’s favourite dishes prepared by using fresh ingredients and traditional spices and served in a warm distinctive ambience within a rich, opulent and elegant setting that is ideal for intimate and private gatherings as patrons enjoy light background music.

Ms. Shafeena YusuffAli, the dynamic entrepreneur who is the CEO of Tablez Food Company, said, “Although the Peppermill menu has a myriad of influences, it is firmly and proudly rooted in Indian heritage and its cooking methods. We have successfully achieved our culinary vision by marrying the rich indigenous traditions of the past with the flavours of the present which will be evident to our patrons at the Eastern Mangroves restaurant.”

Peppermill’s quintessentially authentic meals are a delight for the eyes, nose and the palate and can also be enjoyed in private dining rooms. The Peppermill at Eastern Mangroves can accommodate up to 100 patrons at a time.

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