Cost effective tips to save energy and money!

Just received some awesome tips from MPLUS+ to GO GREEN. World Earth Day is a gentle reminder to us all to take a step back and evaluate how we are contributing towards building a sustainable future… for ourselves and our future generations!

Small and consistent measures taken at home can go a long way in realizing the dream of a sustainably developed world. Mplus+, an innovative home maintenance company with years of experience in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, brings you quick, simple and effective ecofriendly home maintenance tips that also help reduce your bills!

* Turn off the lights when you leave your home, or even a room. Simple, but saves you a lot of money! This is probably the most obvious, yet commonly overlooked step
* The same goes for electronics and appliances which tend to use up energy even when they are not switched on. Unplugging from the main source is a quick act, and an effective one. Appliances to watch out for are televisions, cell phone chargers, Kettles, computers and VCR/DVD
* Make sure your home is insulated well to help keep it cool in the hot summer months, without having to constantly run the air conditioner. You can do this by closing blinds and drapes, and making sure all doors and windows are closed, to help keep the house cool. You can do so using caulk and weather-stripping to seal leaks, and ensure drafts are covered.

* Replace old light bulbs and electronic equipment with energy saving and eco-friendly options. An easy way to know if you’re really upgrading to an energy-saving appliance or equipment is to look for the Energy Star label.

MPLUS+ provides cost and energy effective installations which include- The AIRCOSAVER, a smart control device that eliminates this excess energy consumption and upgrades the energy efficiency of existing AC systems by 15-25% thus complementing the system’s existing thermostat to deliver significant savings while maintaining comfort; The AERATER, which helps to limit the water flow through the faucet; greatly reducing and regulating the flow of water.

Green Tips for the UAE
We can leverage the months of sweltering heat that we experience in the country to be more environmentally conscious.
* One of the best ways to ‘go green’ here would be to install a solar film. Imagine all that could happen if even a small percentage of the heat is harnessed. From water heating to lights, this can also help save you hundreds of dirhams! Mplus+ can be help you install a Solar Film.

* This requires no heavy duty maintenance, but is most effective- install a clothing line outside if you live in a villa, and on your balcony if you live in an apartment. Not only is this eco-friendly and cost-efficient, it keeps your clothes fresh and smelling great!

Thanks MPLUS+ for the awesome Tips.

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