Weill launches Spring/Summer 2017 collection

Joel Gardes, Pascale Younes, Elie Weill, Julie Hanon, Roula Aoun,  Ebrahim Rezaeiafsah.jpg

French luxury brand Weill hosted a preview of its inspiring Spring/Summer 2017 collection in Emirates Towers, in the presence of International Manager and 5th generation family member Elie Weill and Creative Director Edward Achour.

A fusion of organic and fresh tones brings the collection to life this season. New and classic shapes are encased in crisp hues, exuding a refreshing feel which makes this offering cool, vibrant with chic flavors.

The classics with a twist and other unconventional accents… Original proportions, tried and tasteful combinations ranging between the chic and the casual, masculine and feminine, sporty and urban… With Weill, the formal adopts a cheerful attitude with highly contrasted alliances and luminous themes, a spruce Parisian style determined to interpret dress codes freely.

The Spring Summer collection represents Weill’s timeless craft combined with a modern muse, skillfully presented in an array of exquisite materials and colours to create an offering destined for longevity.

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