Relive 700 years of history – The Widder Hotel in Zurich


Over 700 years of history make the Five-Star Widder Hotel, situated in the historic district of the financial metropolis Zurich special. It is a glamorous location for social events and numerous important conferences and with its unique art collection and architecture, the Widder Hotel is also the meeting place for many creative people who feel at home and appreciate the exceptional personal ambience of this individually designed hotel.

The beautiful nine meticulously restored historical residences in which the Widder Hotel unfolds are unique, as each house is underlined by a subtle guide of orientation with the colour of each house also applied to the inside gangways and corridors. Moreover each house features its own wood species and stone.

Naturally, each of the 34 guest rooms and 15 suites, the banqueting room, meeting rooms, restaurant and bar are individually styled The fusion of historical architecture and innovative modern design creates a relaxed ambience with real character. It’s the perfect setting for an unforgettable stay, private party or exclusive business event.

The rooms have been built, acquired, occupied, changed and decorated by descendants of noble families, guild masters, artisans and merchants. And their life took place in little parlours and offices just the same as in opulent salons. The room decors of these late Middle Age houses with rich murals and stucco is an expression of the owners’ social class, who made their wealth and fortune through trade and commerce. The “Rennweg”, where the main entrance of the Widder Hotel is located, was Zurich’s most prestigious street from the 17th to the 19th century.

The historical residences being extremely valuable were in dire need of renovation and in order to save these houses, the old building substance not only had to be investigated, but also an intricate architectural technology had to be introduced for stabilization and complementation.

Numerous preservationists, archaeologists, architects and designers, through the years were involved in the reformation of this historical building ensemble. During the 18 months of archaeological excavation the scientists even found relics from the Roman Ages, among them a fire place as well as cooking utensils and domestic ceramics.

The architects were challenged immensely by the respect for the ambience of the location and its history so that guests could experience and feel the 700 years old history of the houses in the new hotel. The findings, the redevelopments, the add ons and the new were carefully preserved the key original aspects.

Today all elements complement each other in a unique harmony. In the Widder Hotel all of the ancient and antique is genuine, all new elements are technically necessary and state-of-the-art – also from an artistic point of view.


In the raised upper floor of the Steinhaus there is the light and airy breakfast room with its retractable glass ceiling. The library is located on the ground floor of the Steinhaus. The antiques and works by renowned artists, in particular from contemporary times, lend the hotel its own distinctive character.

Robert Rauschenberg has designed and created a picture especially for the stairway in the Penthouse Suite. A wealth of paintings, sculptures and artworks adorn the lobby, restaurants, conference facilities and all guest rooms from famous artists such as Augusto Giacometti, Serge Poliakoff, Max Bill, Andy Warhol.

During the beautiful weather, the Widder Garden is Zurich’s most loved open-air-hideaway. Located in the heart of the historic district, the alfresco oasis invites to a light lunch or cappuccino-break after shopping and sightseeing, to an afterwork dinner in the evening.

Widder Hotel is indeed the perfect place to celebrate all occasions and enjoy history in beautiful surroundings.

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