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Fendi Timepieces shares its exquisite and elegant collections to celebrate the festive spirit this season.
Fendi Policromia: The name Policromia embodies the idea of several colors together, with a mystic reminder of a surreal Goddess living in a distant world. A combination of colors on different surfaces, multiple shaded pieces, precious inserts and asymmetrical bezels made in noble materials, create the watch’s daring silhouette with a unique 3D effect, enhancing the importance of time, innovation and evolution of the watch’s design.
Fendi My Way Topazes: The Fendi My Way Topazes Special Edition expresses the FENDI daring creativity with a strong sense of refinement. The Special Edition features a combination of arc cut topazes, diamonds and mother-of-pearl in four color variations. Elegant yet audacious, with its distinctive design, the Fendi My Way Topazes Special Edition embraces bold colors featuring a bezel set with exquisite arc cut topazes.
 Fendi Timepieces Chameleon Mesh Bracelet (1) - White Background_preview.jpeg
Fendi Chameleon Mesh Bracelet: The new Chameleon Collection is a statement of contemporary design. The very feminine case in yellow gold-colored stainless steel is curved to embrace the wrist, giving an ultimate comfort. Shimmering inlays in black and brown or red and black enamel frame the case’s front top, while its elongated bottom is cut out with a finely sculpted FENDI signature, revealing the mesh bracelet beneath.
 Fendi Selleria Strap You (2)_preview.jpeg
Fendi Selleria Strap You: Inspired by the renowned FENDI Strap You collection of shoulder straps, the new Selleria Strap You watch gives a cool touch to the wrist. Thanks to the watch’s interchangeable double tour straps, the Selleria Strap You has a new feminine allure, lit-up also by the new Astuccio dial designed by Karl Lagerfeld. Feminine and sublimely elegant, theSelleria Strap You comes in a various mix of materials and surprising color combinations.
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