Jaeger-LeCoultre presents three new interpretations of its Duomètre line


The Duomètre Sphérotourbillon, Duomètre Chronographe and Duomètre Quantième Lunaire watches exude a sophistication tinged with originality. They feature dials of magnetite grey with an opaline finish, a deep and intense colour that will appeal to those who love assertively masculine watches.

Duomètre Sphérotourbillon

A striking design, a unique function, and refinement in the purest tradition of watchmaking – the Duomètre Sphérotourbillon combines all these ingredients. This grand complication demonstrates that it is possible to bring together technical performance, understated aesthetics, and a very expressive watchmaking complication.

The Sphérotourbillon: a tourbillon that can be set with total precision

At the very core of the Dual-Wing concept, precision was the byword for Jaeger-LeCoultre’s master watchmakers when deciding their approach to creating the Duomètre Sphérotourbillon watch. Only a small number of tourbillon watches have a clearly legible seconds display with a dedicated counter, and even fewer allow the seconds indication to be stopped.

Using the Dual-Wing concept has enabled Jaeger-LeCoultre’s watchmakers to create a tourbillon with precision adjustment. The small seconds can be reset to zero according to the flyback principle by using a push-piece located under the tourbillon at 2 o’clock.

A particular feature of the flyback is that it does not stop the function of the regulating organ. The small seconds hand is reset, and immediately continues its course. As a result, the watch retains maximum precision, accurate to one second, even while the time is being set.

A multi-axis tourbillon

Above and beyond its exemplary reliability, the major feature of this Sphérotourbillon watch – the fourth in the Duomètre line of exceptional timepieces – is its tourbillon.

Initially devised for pocket-watches, the traditional tourbillon does not compensate for the effects of gravity in all positions. An additional rotation axis must be added in order to achieve a three-dimensional rotation movement and thus prove itself effective in all the positions that a watch worn on the wrist may adopt.

A fascinating spectacle is revealed by the cut-away dial as the tourbillon completes a rotating motion that is highly unusual in nature. As well as revolving around the axis in its titanium cage, the tourbillon turns around a second axis, tilted at 20°. The combination of these two distinct and rapid rotations (30 and 15 seconds respectively) enables the watch to defy the effects of gravity in all positions.

This spectacular tourbillon includes all the innovations that gave Jaeger-LeCoultre a brilliant victory in the first chronometry competition of the 21st century. The cage, machined in a single piece from a block of titanium, combines lightness and high precision. The cylindrical balance-spring, with its two terminal curves, beats with a concentric action that is impossible to obtain with a traditional balance-spring.

The balance wheel, with its ample inertia, oscillates at a frequency of 21,600 vibrations per hour. The stud support is for its part protected from any shocks or accidental impacts that may be suffered by the watch, thanks to a screw locking system.

For enhanced visual pleasure, a transparent case-back provides an admirable “backstage” view of the workings of the hand-assembled and decorated movement, Jaeger-LeCoultre Calibre 382.

Making complexity beautiful

The timepiece’s technological complexity nevertheless retains all its beauty. The model’s innovative spirit is combined with a design inspired by the pocket watches of yesteryear, conceived with an eye to elegance and refinement.

The quality of finish of the movement-blanks, made of untreated nickel silver, reinforces the impression of exclusiveness exuded by the Duomètre Sphérotourbillon. With its characteristic Jaeger-LeCoultre “côtes soleillées” motifs, clear-cut protruding and recessed angles, and harmonious forms, the design of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Calibre 382 is the perfect embodiment of the fine art of watchmaking.

Demonstrating profound respect for ideal proportions and watchmaking design codes – expressed through a sophisticated pink gold case, a plain and readable dial, polished lugs and bezel, and a satin-brushed case middle – the Duomètre’s signature aesthetic is meticulously preserved in this model and creates a striking contrast with the level of complexity of the movement housed within.

The Dual-Wing concept is reflected on the dial with the presence of two separate zones: to the left sits the opening revealing the secrets of the Sphérotourbillon, and to the right is the main dial, indicating local time and the date, subtly placed on a lower level all around the dial.

An additional 24-hour subdial occupying the upper part of the dial serves to display the time in another time-zone, while the small seconds appear in the lower part of the dial.

Dual-Wing Concept – the pioneering movement

With its Duomètre line and its Dual-Wing concept, Jaeger-LeCoultre plays a pioneering role in the field of fine watchmaking by creating a movement with an entirely innovative structure, giving rise to unprecedented functions.

With the Dual-Wing concept, the watchmakers of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Manufacture developed a solution that at last resolves a recurrent problem on complex mechanical watches: any complication naturally uses up some of the power provided by the barrel. This energy consumption disrupts the constant supply that is required by the meticulously adjusted regulating organ to fulfil its function as precisely as possible.

In order for the measurement of time to be carried out with absolute accuracy, it is essential that the power supply delivered by the barrel to the gear trains and escapement should be absolutely steady.

One time, two movements

Christened Dual-Wing, this concept serves to separate energy provision to the complication from that to the movement, which is fed by its own barrel, thus guaranteeing a constant level of supply. It spelled a revolution in the field of fine watchmaking.

First unveiled in 2007, it enabled Jaeger-LeCoultre to reinvent the chronograph by endowing the Duomètre Chronographe with chronometer-worthy accuracy, while displaying the time thus counted off to the nearest 1/6th of a second.

It was then given a new application on the Duomètre Quantième Lunaire and the Duomètre Sphérotourbillon.


It is a revolutionary watch concept based on a unique construction: two distinct mechanisms united within the same case and providing scope for unprecedented functions.

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