Dates festival attracts visitors to Mushrif Mall

Variety and quality of organic dates takes centre stage till 10th of June

Until the 10th June, Mushrif Mall will be hosting a Dates festival where visitors can sample fresh and dry dates from the UAE, Saudi and Jordan and related products like date jam, date syrup, date powder, date pastes, ma’mool biscuits, date sugar at affordable prices.

According to Aravind Ravi Palode, Mall Manager of Mushrif Mall, the highlight of the festival is the wide range of organic dates from the local farmers and the availability from different retailers of ‘ajwa’ dates known for its medicinal properties.

Visitors can visit the pop up festival venue to look at samples and get first hand knowledge about dates from the informed retailers. They can also explore further by visiting the many dates outlets in the main market that offers a wider variety of products made from dates.

Mushrif Mall, located on Airport Road, Abu Dhabi hosts renowned a large fresh food market, a fish market and the main mall has luxury brands plus a wide range of dining outlets, hypermarket and service outlets spread over three levels of mall.

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