Businessman turned Singer, Zakir Hussain (Zak Zorro) launches debut Music Album

Zakir Hussain

To mark his global debut, Zakir (Zak Zorro), known for his powerful vocal abilities will be bringing his unique fusion of songs to music lovers around the world in different genres, Pop, Rock, Hip-hop, Rap, Trap, RNB, Blues, Jazz, Sufi, Qawwali and Ghazals etc.

All the songs are written and produced in Dubai UAE. The Debut rock song is Taqdeeron ke Khilonay for which the music video will be released on 1st April 2020 followed by six songs from Zakir’s Fusion album. In his music video, Zak’s charisma and presence is established with dynamic choreography and storyline inspired by real facts of life that everyone can relate to.

Speaking of his musical journey, Zakir said, “My passion for music began from childhood and I started singing four years ago with Urdu and Hindi poetry which then evolved into songs. I dedicated lot of time for voice training in Hindustani Music and Western music by different vocal trainers. After over 3000 hours of vocal training, I worked with several different music composers producing different genres of music and found a unique style that worked for me. Every song has a unique story and mood in the lyrics.”

Zak Zorro also established Audio studio for himself and other upcoming artist providing a platform to individuals who needs guideline in their passion in music industry with professional equipment for sound, audio and videography.

“With the support of my brainchild studio, Icon Art Production and the talented production team, we worked on the initial videos and then there was no looking back,” said Zakir.

Music lovers can enjoy Zak Zorro Poetry and Music videos on YouTube channel

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