Intricate Designs: Fabulous Stone Jewellery

While heading to the Spa at Shangri La, we chanced upon an exquisite jewellery store called Fabulous Stone Jewellery showcasing handmade unique pieces are designed by Dr. Sundus Alagram.

Dr. Sundus likes to add color and meaning by coloring gold with gems with her thoughts. With the help of her husband, who encourage her, believed in her and who worked with her hand in hand to implement creative design ideas, the name Fabulous Stone Jewellery (FSI) came into existence, carrying the first letters of their names Falah and Sundus.

Despite the different areas of their professions, her husband being an athlete and Dr. Sundus being a pediatrician, the couple are both born in Iraq with a passion and love of stones and jewelry that goes back to the land of their roots and the land of natural resources.

These roots made Dr Sundus reach to the soul of the stones, to create the most wonderful designs that mesmerizes hearts. Head over to Shangri La Dubai to see if her designs appeal to you and inspire you to own a piece of her beautiful pieces.

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