UAE and Vancouver based Award-winning filmmaker; Uzair Merchant launches new age cinematic single – Stardust : A sci-fi hiphop experience from the future

UAE based Award-winning Filmmaker and Producer, Uzair Merchant launches new single soundtrack – Stardust. The new ‘space’ single is a new-age cinematic experience – completely shot on the iPhone- it is a fusion of cultures through music, film, and art.

Stardust showcases a complete blend of emotions a person experiences while processing overwhelming feelings of grief.  “This single is close to my heart; it is an ode to life. It helped channel my grief of losing my greatest support system, my father, into creativity. This track will always be special to me as a result of an amazing collaboration by various artists around the world and being a global citizen myself, I feel immensely connected to it.” says Uzair Merchant

Artists from various parts of the globe such as Vancouver, Dubai, Kelowna and India have come together to create this beautiful symphony. Many internationally acclaimed artists have added their expertise and input in creating a bilingual, English and Arabic, song. Some of the well-known artists who have worked on this single are Genevieve Clements, Sian Flanagan, Aaron Drew and Salim Dahman.

The detailed shots, carefully crafted costumes, and bilingual lyrics are all part of Uzair’s vision to create a new future of filmmaking, just by the use of an iPhone.

Uzair is a talented artist and seasonal film producer with multiple awards and accolades under his name. An alumnus of Nottingham Trent University and the New York Film Academy, Uzair is a global citizen, with Indian roots, being raised in Dubai, and having lived in New York, London, to currently residing in Vancouver.  

Uzair is also the founder of bKreativ Productions, developing an entire universe of which  Stardust is the OST to its flagship project “Black Rose,” a Sci-Fi TV Show & game, that has already been awarded 6 international screenplay / script awards. “Black Rose” set to be directed by veteran Stunts legend James Bamford, the man behind Action shows like Arrow and Superman and Lois amongst many Blockbuster movies around the world, who is also the Executive producer behind this single. Stardust falls under the umbrella of KRi8.LABs, Uzair Merchant’s new venture which has been a decade in the making with the purpose of pushing creativity and creative expression, beginning with this single.

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