Overwhelming response for Sara Galadari’s third novel “The Elemental” as it ranks No. 1 in Horror category and No.5 in Fantasy category on Amazon UAE

Overwhelming response as novel currently ranks No. 1 in Horror category and No.5 in Fantasy category on Amazon UAE

Emirati author, Sara Galadari, launched her latest novel “The Elemental,” which is now available on Kindle and as a bestseller on Amazon UAE.

A modern visionary and an avid storyteller, Sara combines a suspenseful mystery set in elements of dark fantasy, time travel, and the search for the truth in this gripping novel.

The story is centered around a young woman’s adventures in unraveling a set of cryptic messages that warns of a devastating future, which leads her to unveil the long-lost dark past of her world. Together with her friends, she enters into a race against time to defeat the sinister forces working to seize and corrupt her world, and discovers that not all enemies appear as they seem.

The result is a page-turning mystery that begs to be read in a single sitting. “The Elemental” is a dark fantasy that explores how the key to a promising future can lie in stories from the past.

The characters’ experiences also navigate how adversity and the search for power can shape the most unlikely heroes and villains, and reveal that true power comes from within. The overall message of the story emphasizes the value of healthy ties with family and friends, and how preserving history and cultivating knowledge yields societal progress.

The story is also available at https://artisticlimelight.wordpress.com/2021/08/08/sara-galadari-launches-her-third-novel-the-elemental/

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