Imaginative design meets pure watchmaking artistry


Moritz Grossmann presents die TEFNUT Sleeping Beauty designed by Michael Koh

In Singapore, Michael Koh ranks among the leading goldsmiths and jewellery designers; Caratell, his company, is one of Asia’s top luxury brands. Michael Koh’s creations are uniquely charismatic. They tell stories, are poetry transformed into jewellery.
In cooperation with the Grossmann manufacture, Michael Koh designed a seductive jewellery watch that evokes the mysterious realm of the moon. Its name is a reference to the nocturnal hour of its completion. As a crowning touch, he adorned the dial with a fairy-tale moon and chose “Sleeping Beauty” as the name for his creation. Michael Koh: “The duo eclipse symbolises the celebration of two companies getting together by sharing the same philosophy, to create a timepiece that goes beyond the boundaries of time. Eclipses are known to be a rare phenomenon, just like how we came across this rare opportunity to collaborate and work on this ‘Sleeping Beauty’ collection.”
The TEFNUT Sleeping Beauty plays with the various manifestations of the moon. Its case with two strap lugs is a voluptuous sculpture that rises gently from the crown to the 9 o’clock side. The lugs are freely suspended on one side and like the crown are graced with a precious stone cabochon. On the dial, the Roman numerals, the exquisite hour hand, the asymmetric guilloched pattern, and the portrait of the moon are magically alluring. Michael Koh has a special passion for exclusive precious stones and in his designs showcases them in imaginative ways. For the TEFNUT Sleeping Beauty, he picks diamonds and gems that are harmoniously nuanced to match the colours of the case and strap. The bezel is also set with a suite of precious stones.
The heart of the TEFNUT Sleeping Beauty is the compact calibre 102.0 movement that features all of the characteristic Grossmann elements: the cantilevered balance cock with the Grossmann micrometer screw, raised chatons, a separately removable winder, and the mass-optimised Grossmann balance.

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